Fionn Duffy

image credit: Katy Whitt Photography

A Three-Body Problem
collaboration with Ashley Bedet

Available to purchase from Blank Cheque Press (Canada) and Good Press (UK)

so what do we need for our ideal
meeting point?
we just need an infinity of time
all the time in the world

A Three-Body Problem is at once a predicament, a mode of making, a compendium, an artist residency, and a means of iteratively bridging distances: the distance between Body I and Body II, between Calgary and Glasgow, between one screen and another and the vibrating electrons that connect them. Employing text messages, diagram-drawing, lightwaves, floorplans, underwater fibre-optic cables, and meditations on the core of the earth, artists Ashley Bedet and Fionn Duffy triangulate in order to traverse. What follows will be known as the Third Body...

Published by Blank Cheque Press in collaboration with The Bows (formerly Untitled Art Society), Calgary

174 pages, b/w and colour, perfect-bound with letterpress cover

6 x 8.25 inches

Edition of 165

December 2020

ISBN 978-1-9992536-1-5

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