fionn duffy

Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Aomori Japan Oct-Dec 2023

2-channel video with audio (00:15:46), borrowed windows, chestnut casings, clamps, coffee cans, concrete, construction felt, compressed polystyrene, embossed tetrapak, embossed recycled pa­per made from inkjet prints, notes and sketches; inkjet prints, milk bottles, paper making frame, pencil drawing on poster paper, pencil drawing on paper made with apple waste; PET bottles, plastic packaging from install, plastic shells, polystyrene packaging, reclaimed glass, reclaimed wood, shells, steel, tangerine peel, washi paper with embedded plastic housing from electronics.

A continuously-evolving exhibition investigating contemporary waste management through the framework of ancient waste disposal practices, combining a Scottish folktale of transformation, grief and revenge, and an Aomori folktale about dissolving bodies, love and loss. Each week the exhibition was altered, sustaining a cycle between studio, site visits and public presentation; attending to the continued lives of objects beyond their primary function.